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Who are we ?


Septambre is a Quebec company created by two passionate friends who focus on the purchase, sale and transformation of amber. Our goal is to select the most interesting products from all over the world, and to offer them to you at competitive prices.

What type of camera are we using ?

We use cameras from an iPhone 11 Pro and an LG G8X ThinQ. For closer shots that detail inclusions, we use a 25x macro lens.



What is amber ?


Visit our article on the origin of amber to discover its history and provenance.

How can you prove that the amber you are selling is genuine ?

You can refer to our article on amber authenticity testing to learn more about the techniques that will allow you to know if you have real or fake amber.

Know that, in our shop, we provide an image of each of the pieces of amber under a UV black light. When it emits a fluorescent color and you can see the traces of its creep, the amber is indeed real.

How do you identify inclusions in amber?

Inclusions are identified to the best of our knowledge. We rely on internet research and identify inclusions based on detailed likenesses. However, we cannot guarantee that what we identify is exactly what is inside, but we use our best judgment.

Where are your jewelry made?

Our amber jewelry is mostly made in Quebec.




What payment method can I use to pay for my items?


We currently only use Paypal as a method of payment because it is the safest way to shop online. It is currently not possible to pay with a credit card directly on our site.

On the other hand, with Paypal, you can pay with a credit card without necessarily having an account. Paypal will still ask you for your email address to send you a payment receipt afterwards.

When you click on the "PayPal Pay" button in your shopping cart page, the window in the image below will open (on the computer version) and you can click on the button that we have outlined in red for you allow you to pay securely with your credit card.





Why is an item suddenly out of stock when I wanted to finalize my purchase ?

First come, first served !


In fact, we cannot guarantee that all the items in your basket will still be available when you arrive at the finalization of your purchases, that is to say at the time of payment. The main reason is that when you shop, another visitor may decide to put the same item as you in their cart and proceed to purchase it before you. As almost every item listed on our site is unique, it will automatically be classified as out of stock when purchased.


(For now, each of the items we sell is unique, but we are currently working on being able to sell various accessories)

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Which delivery company do you use ?


We deliver your items with Canada Post.

What region and/or country are you shipping?

We currently ship across Canada only.

Soon we want to expand our sales and deliveries to the United States.

What is the delivery delay ?

We deliver orders within 2-3 business days and will provide you with a tracking number when your items are posted. The delivery time always depends on the workload of Canada Post and your delivery address.


We deliver from Terrebonne, Quebec, Canada.

What delivery method do you offer?

We use the standard mode to deliver your items. We will email you your tracking number once your package has been shipped.

Can I return an item?

Yes, you can return your items, but it must be in the same condition it was in when we mailed it to you, unless there is concrete evidence that the item was damaged during the shipping. However, we make sure to wrap your package well so that it is as protected as possible during transport from Canada Post to your home.



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Note that the "Mon compte" was not translated to "My account" and that "Déconnexion" means "Sign off"

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Why should I create an account on the site and what are the advantages ?


You can create an account from your email address or directly with your Google or Facebook account.

Creating an account allows you to be a member of our site and gives you the following benefits:


  • Receive news, promotions and coupons by email (you can unsubscribe at any time)

  • Access to your wishlist, in case you want to follow certain items to buy them later (Hurry! If another visitor buys the item you are interested in before you do, it will unfortunately no longer be available. of amber that we sell in the shop is unique.)

  • You will receive loyalty badges, based on your activities on the site, to show off to other members and to track your accomplishments.

  • You will automatically get the "Site Member" badge when you create your account.

  • We are also available on the Wix Space app. Being a member will give you access to our page where you can also access the store and share photos of your amber with other members who are also on the app. Access code: 1N4FS8

How can I become a member of the site ?

On any page, in the top menu bar, click this icon to register or login.

You will then be able to login using Facebook, Google or any valid email address.

You can also check or uncheck the bottom box to join our community or not. This will not impact your purchases in the store.






Once your account is created, you will have access to these different settings that will allow you to manage different aspects of your account.

Where can I find the items I have added to my wishlist ?

* To have access to the wishlist, you absolutely must be a member of the site.

Items in your wishlist can all be found by clicking the down arrow next to your profile picture in the menu bar. You will then find the "My wishlist" section.




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